Clothing and jewelry accessories

Clothing and jewelry accessories
Art & Wood | Fiki, Trikala
TEXIL is based in the area of Fiki in Trikala and is a handicraft manufacturer of wooden lathed objects.
Driving force for our constructions is the inspiration, so we craft for you:
Clothing and jewelry accessories (Faux) such as various beads for jewelry and buttons for cardigans and clothes.
We have a wide range of cutters (molds) for various components and we can undertake constructions that we do not already cover upon order and consultation with the customer. 
If you wish, we can make a perfect finish and paint the items you order. 
Sending our prosucts throughout Greece!
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Our thirty years of experience in the production of wooden objects, quarantines the high quality, the consistency in covering large quantities in a reasonable, pre-agreed time period.
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Fiki, Trikala
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