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TEXIL is a small industry making wooden objects. Wood, is the basic material of our work, was and remains a source of inspiration and creation for us.

For more than 30 years, we craft lathed products for micro-technical construction. Recently, our company is active in the category of special constructions, in an effort to fully utilize both the mechanical equipment we have and our extensive experience in the manufacture of small wooden objects.

We work along with a series of automatic lathes (Revolver) from 5mm to 120mm, exclusively for wood and the construction of high precision touring objects, with great production capabilities.

We can meet most of customers needs, which requires lathed items of micro-technical construction in excellent quality and with accuracy even in very small objects.

We have a wide range of cutters (molds) for various accessories but we can still, upon order and consultation with the customer, undertake constructions that we do not already cover. Our thirty years of experience in the production of wooden objects guarantees the high quality, the consistency in the coverage of large quantities in a reasonable and pre-agreed time period. The perfect finish and paint (if that's what our customer wants).

Sending our prosucts throughout Greece!

General furniture materials
Drawers knobs, closets, wardrobes, wooden desks, bedside tables, curtain rod accessories etc.
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Clothing and jewelry accessories
Clothing and jewelry accessories, such as beads for jewelry and buttons for clothes and jackets...
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Bottle caps
caps for bottles, silicone caps with wooden headgear in a wide range of styles and dimensions...
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Various constructions
materials for sealing, such as handles for various types of seals and various dimensions, materials for perfumery, wooden impregnation balls but also in fruit shapes...
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Our thirty years of experience in the production of wooden objects, quarantines the high quality, the consistency in covering large quantities in a reasonable, pre-agreed time period. 
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